VIDEO: Here’s The ‘Post modern Skateboard’ Without The Table!

If you have always been into skating, you are going to love this one. Trust me with this, you will want one of these after watching how it works. This looks amazingly satisfying. Take a look!

#3 Skateboarding


For the one who love skateboarding this one will become your new favorite very soon. How about, a skateboard without that hard and annoying  board? You might just think that a skateboard without a board is completely useless, right?

Well, no. Turns out that it is not useless. In fact, it’ll give you the feeling of flying (obviously on the road). We do have such a skateboard in the market.

#2 As Smooth As This


I wish something like this was invented when I was competing for medals in skating. Nevertheless, I can still try this and so can everyone else. This is invented by Yankee Hammachar Schlemmer.

All you have to do is lean on any facet to make it move ahead.  This runs as smooth as butter.

Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

This boardless skateboard can can support up to 200 pounds and moves as smooth as sand in a desert during a storm. This video is amazing and a delight for our eyes that cannot be missed for sure.

Checkout the video here.


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