VIDEO: The Incredible Moment Plane Lands On Road in Argentina…Just Kidding!

Usually, you expect to see a Plane’s Landing (get it? get it?) on an extraordinarily concrete runway. You have a proper setup and all the safety measures are just a step away. But this plane’s landing is different. There’s no runway. Confused? Take a look…

#2 A Normal Landing


Plane’s landing is no small a deal. So many lives are in danger and you just cannot afford to commit any mistake at any given point in time. Now you know why becoming a Pilot is as good as learning Rocket Science. Ask yourself, which is the weirdest incident you have ever heard in context to planes?

Whatever that incident might be, nothing can beat what happened on the roads of Argentina. It was just unexpected.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened. 


#1 The Video

You may think this is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen or envisioned! All things considered, it most likely is! After all, how many times have you seen a plane landing on the roads with other motor vehicles? I can totally imagine what you guys are thinking right now.

Fortunately, it’s simply the consequence of the work of a decent visual craftsman. Therefore, do not think much and just enjoy the video below. Take a look.



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