VIDEO: Thieves Get Shocked After Stealing Phone With Built-In Taser

I really loved the idea of a built-in taser in the phone. This taser has worked so brilliantly here that companies should actually consider including it in all the cell phones henceforth. Checkout the video and you’ll know why!

#3 The Start


While growing up, if your parents kept saying that stealing is a bad thing and you should never indulge in that, they were right. Well, at least if these people would’ve followed what their parents had taught them, they would’ve avoided a SHOCKING experience.

So there was this very expensive phone lying completely unattended on the bench or ground around people. Whenever you see such an expensive phone lying unattended like this, you either try to find its owner or keep it with yourself. The people in the video did the same mistake of choosing the second option and had to pay the penalty.

#2 The Liar Couple


You’ll actually see a shot where a couple got the phone and took it away with them. When the owner tried confronting them, they clearly denied having his phone with them. They had to pay for this. The owner pressed the button and activated the taser. The man had to suffer from a shock and he threw his phone to save himself.

This is just a single example here. Tons of people did tons of different things. You have no clue what is coming your way.

Keep reading ahead to see the video.

#1 The Video

This just goes on to show the utility of the built-in taser. This was possible because of a built-in taser in the phone which release current when a button is pressed and the person in direct contact with the phone suffers from a current.

Can you imagine how useful it will be in the cases of stealing? Checkout the video below and I promise you will love it. Take a look!


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