VIDEO: This Crazy Gatling Gun Fires 2000 Rounds In 60 Seconds!

This is like the best playing tool for each and every single shooter in this world. It fires 2ooo rounds in a minute. Can you imagine how crazy that is? Well, checkout the video ahead and you’ll know…

#2 Guns


I have a fascination towards guns that cannot be replicated by any thing else in this world. I believe they are the most interesting invention by human beings after fire. The mechanism of each and every single type of gun (there are too many) is like a beautiful but complicated painting on the canvas.

This gun is no different. The GAU-19/An is intended for a link less food, however can be nourished from a standard M9 connected belt if a delinker feeder is utilized.

Keep reading ahead to see the video and know more about this gun. 

#1 The Video

The rate of flame can be selected to be either 1,000 or 2,000 rounds for each moment. The Humvee combat hardware pack rendition fires at 1,300 rounds for every moment. This sounds so amazing, right? Well, nothing can match the grit of this fire master.

In January 2012, General Dynamics declared they would convey another adaptation assigned the GAU-19/B. It gives the same capability in a lighter stage, weighing 106 lbs.

Anyways, checkout the video here and you’ll fall in love with this gun.

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