VIDEO: This Mind-Blowing Audi Truck Could Be the Future of Big Rigs

We see so many luxury vehicles riding on the roads now a days. It is so fascinating to see so many machines working so efficiently in the fastest speed possible. This Audi truck is the new entrant in the list. Take a look.

#2 Audi


Audi is one of the most reputed car  brands in the world. It has a history of serving luxurious cars to possibly the richest people in the world. Not everyone can afford an Audi product.  Right from its machinery to its appearance, everything is attractive about Audi.

Recently, it came out with something that grabbed millions of eyeballs all around the world thanks to its beauty and performance. The creators at Audi have run well beyond with their idea outline for the fate of enormous apparatuses.

Keep reading ahead to see which enormous apparatus are we talking about. 

#1 Audi Truck

The video below shows two models, the street truck and the show truck. Both these trucks are simply mesmerizing. They are ultra-smooth electric semis that can pilot themselves, however the show truck appears to be my personal favorite.

The trucks have an open cockpit style seating. Both the trucks look incredibly amazing. In fact, both of them look too good to ever make it to the streets. Checkout the video below.



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