VW Transporter Doubleback

Unlike the Volkswagen’s highly popular Transporter T5 vans, Volkswagen Doubleback is the innovative extendable rear section also called doubleback.

DoubleBack T5 Transporter is a Volkswagen T5 car that has been modified to have additional space by sliding the rear part. The advantage of this sliding system , it makes this car such as the van had a normal size & it will be so easy to drive, but on other side it will be turned into an RV with an additional bedroom when you pull the back of it.


The additional space in the Volkswagen DoubleBack T5 Transporter can be opened automatically by an electronic system which takes about 45 seconds to turn it into a bedroom.



Interior_Part_of_DoubleBack_T5_Transporter Interior_of_DoubleBack_T5_Transporter
The DoubleBack T5 Transporter van is available now, for GBP54,995 (US$86,988).It weighs under 130kgs (287 pounds) but can hold up to 600kg (1,323 lbs) with the legs extended which can also fold out from the bottom.

What do you think about this invention, like it?

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