Watch DARPA’s New Self-Steering Bullets Turn In Mid-Flight Following Their Target

You must have seen the movie “WANTED” starring Angelina Jolie in a badass, bullet-curving, supervillain-with-a-heart sniper avatar. Looks like DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the agency of the US department of defence is all set to breathe life into the pretend part of the bullet. Yes, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) new self-steering bullet is about to change the way we look at bullets!

As part of its Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program, DARPA has been developing a .50 calibre ammunition that can manoeuvre in flight. To be clear, it can change the direction after being fired from a weapon.

The officials of DARPA explained the entire functioning of this bullet by posting about it on DARPA’s website. It describes EXACTO’s specially designed bullet as using a “real-time optical guidance system” that tracks and directs the bullets right to their targets.

Before you think of the external factors that might change the trajectory of the bullet, let us tell you that this guiding system is designed intricately to ensure the high accuracy rate of snipers regardless of external factors that could affect the trajectory of the bullet, such as weather or target movement.

Tracked on screen are the projected path of the bullet, and then the actual flight path EXACTO takes, bending and turning its trajectory to follow a sideways-sprinting target. Over several shots, EXACTO improves on the aim of both experts and novices, sending .50 caliber doom to its mark each and every time. And undoubtedly, it is breathtaking! This would really be the most revolutionary step forward in the field of defence, what was just considered an element of fantasy will now be possible in the real world!

Want to see how it would work? Here’s the entire video:

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