Watch How This Russian Man Fixed His Wrecked Car Door In The Most Creative Way

Every man and woman is incredibly attached to his or her car. We love our four-wheeler dearly and if anything happens to it, our life somehow becomes a mess. If our car meets an accident, we try to fix the damage as soon as possible. But then, there are artistic people who use the damage area of their car as a canvas to showcase their creativity. Like this guy. Take a look.

#2 The Destroyed Door


Suppose, you are out in your car and suddenly, a truck rams into the front door of your car while it was standing still with you standing outside the car of course. What will be your first move post a brawl with the truck driver? Taking your car to the garage and fixing the problem, right? Well, that is what a normal human being would do. But not an Artist.

Well, at least not this artist. This guy in Russia had his front car door fairly wrecked when a truck hit it and that is when he decided to do something amazing with it. Instead of taking it to a garage, he let the artist inside him take charge of the situation.

Keep reading ahead to see what he did with his car as you simply cannot miss it.

#1 The Art On The Door


This man lives in the region of the Altai Republic near Kazakhstan and Mongolia, so instead of getting a new door or fixing this one, he took a permanent marker pen and started painting over the terrible sight of the dented door into a detailed map of the region! Look at his painting, isn’t it brilliant? I mean, look at it!


Now this is one amazing way to cover up the mess on the door of your car. It was revealed afterwards that the truck driver did pay for the damage, and the Russian owner plans to get the door replaced soon enough. But just imagine if he had used his artistic head to cover the entire car? How amazing it’d look!

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