Watch This Blacksmith Transform An Old Wrench Into A Tomahawk

Creativity has no limits. No matter which profession you are in, you’ll have this scope of being incredibly creative with you work all the time. In fact, if you ever get an opportunity, try and be as creative as this blacksmith.

#2 A Wrench


Let me ask you a very simple question, what are the different things that you can do with a wrench? Loosen or tighten nuts or valves? What else? Think hard. Can’t come up with different uses of a wrench, can you? Well, there is one thing that can be done with a wrench other than tightening or loosening things.

Convert a wrench into something else and use it like that. How about converting a wrench into a tomahawk? Sounds weird right? Well, it is possible.

Keep reading ahead to see how to do that. 

#1 The Video

As it happens, all you need is the wrench sitting in the toolbox because the head of the wrench can be heated and shaped into a perfectly wrought tomahawk. The process is complicated and demands a lot of patience but once it is done, you’ll be proud of your own little creation.

Also, make sure that you use all the tools and the burner with utmost caution as you definitely don’t wanna injure yourself while converting a wrench into a Tomahawk. After repeated hammering, the wrench transforms into quite a beautiful axe head for the Tomahawk. A little sanding and shaving here and there and your classy Tomahawk is ready to use.

Checkout the video here.

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