Watch What happens When Hydraulic Press Try To Crush Grenades (Inert) In This Experiment

Grenades are small bombs which are typically thrown by hand. They can cause utter destruction at the moment they strike the ground. So, what do you think will happen when they are crushed using Hydraulic Press?

Well, we bet you won’t watch the entire video by keeping a hand on your ears! Why do such destructive experiments are even performed, you would think? But how are you so sure that the hand grenade would actually burst upon being crushed?

The hydraulic press is installed and the grenade is kept right under it and then, it starts coming down exhibiting pressure on the bomb!

The video is oddly satisfying to watch! Just guess if it will burst open or not? To find out about it watch the video towards the end of the post!

BAMM!! Wondering if it busted or just cracked open due to the pressure? Watch out in the video!


It won’t burst obviously because the grenades are inert that means it is non-functioning! Now, remove your hands from your ears!

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