Watching A Master Woodworker Turn A Log Into A Bowl Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

It is almost impossible to find things that can soothe our mind on the Internet. But watching this master woodworker will surely unclench your fist. You need to check this out. Take a look…

The Satisfaction

This is so oddly satisfying that you would wonder why is it giving so much peace to your mind. I mean sometimes you just can’t explain certain things. They just click with your brain and this is certainly one of them.

The Master Woodworker

Pat Laperriere, the master woodworker, mostly relies on a spinning lathe to strip away the log’s bark, carve out the bowl’s shape, and then give it a perfectly polished finish. You need to understand that this is not something that everyone can achieve.

But Pat Laperriere is special and a genius when it comes to woods.

The Video

This 15-minute long video is actually the condensed form of the actual process, but it is so freaking soothing that you would swear by the fact that it is the best thing you’ve watched today.

Here is the entire video. Do let us know how did you find it?

Let us know how you like the video in the comments section below. Keep checking out this space for more such amazing stuff.


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