What Happens When You Light 6,000 Matches at Once? This Video Is Pure Satisfaction

Not everyone like matches. Actually, not everyone is allowed to play with Matches. But this individual is not only playing with Matches but also doing something extraordinarily creative with it. Check it out…


Believe it or not but Matchsticks are amazing. You can do so much with them. They can just be your ultimate source of showing creative blood if you know how to use them. Lets chalk down all the uses of Matchsticks first and try to figure out what can be done with them.

The first and the most purposeful use of Matches is burning them. So other then burning them, you can slow burn them or fast burn them. You can individually burn them or collectively burn them but ultimately, you’ll have to burn them and that is the only thing you can do with them.

Burn Them?

Now that we know we cannot do anything with Matchsticks other than burning them, how can we burn them creatively? That is exactly what we are about to show you. Creativity with burning matches might just sound little weird but trust me, you are going to love the sight.

All of us have used matchsticks individually. Its time to try them in a group, I mean group of matchsticks. The man burns 6000 matches at once. What happens next? Outstandingly amazing.

Check it out ahead.

The Video

The video that you will see here is gonna be an amazing sight. There is something extraordinarily beautiful about the group of burning Matches. Slowly, the fire shoots up and it looks outstanding. You cannot miss this video at any cost because you will love this.

Now that you have seen the video, please do not try to repeat this at home as it can be really dangerous and cause some serious damage.

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