Why Is Electricity In The USA 110v When The Rest Of The World Uses 230v? Here’s The Answer

Almost the entire world uses 230v when it comes to electricity, only USA is an exception. It uses 110v. Do you know the reason behind that? Well, the reason is unique. You need to check this out!

#2 USA -The Superpower


We all know that USA is possibly the most powerful country in this world. No other country in the world can beat the might of USA. I guess this is the reason why USA believes in doing everything different from the rest of the world. Therefore, in USA the electricity is 110 V 60 Hz AC current whereas in most of the other countries, it is 230 V 50 Hz AC current.

For a few, this might not be a big deal. But if you are anything like me, you’d want to know the reason. The reason is pretty much unexpected. It is the lengthy feud between Edison and Tesla. I kid you not!

Keep reading ahead to know more details.

#1 The Difference


The main difference between the both can be only understood if you first understand that Direct Current or DC was introduced by Edison but it was not good at long-distance transmission. Alternatively, Tesla created the Alternating Current or AC which was great at long-distance transmission.

The reality is that the lights bulbs work best in a range of 100 to 110 volts. 110 volts was much more economical when transmission lines were being laid and this voltage became the standard. Ultimately, AC emerged victorious and 110 VAC 60 Hz standard was accepted by Westinghouse Electric in the USA whereas Europe primarily went for Edison. Even Asia adopted 230V.

Now you know the reason why USA has 110v and the rest of the world goes for 230V.


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