You Won’t Believe This Apartment Building In Russia Exists For Real

‘Weird’ can never go out of fashion in a country like Russia. Every 100 steps and you’ll find something unbelievably weird that you had no clue existed on first place! This building is an example. Take a look…

#2 In Russia


If you ever happen to be in Russia, don’t be shocked to see different types of weird stuff on every lane. This is how Russians like to live their lives. They are famous for doing things differently. We recently came across this building in Russia that looks too thin to be real when seen from the front.

Checkout the images of this building ahead and you’ll be shocked too.

#1 The Pictures


Look at all the pictures of this building properly.This is one of the smartest and finest constructions you will ever see. I suggest, give a detailed look to this building and you will appreciate the creative architecture used to build this building.

Checkout the images here.


Checkout the image above. From this angle, you realize that it is in fact a very good construction and not like what you thought it would be when you saw it first.


Another beautiful angle to look at the building.


Now this is how the building is in real from behind. Amazing design, right? No matter how weird Russians can become sometimes, they are always high on creativity for sure! This is an amazing design that should be used more in general.

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